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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sheboygan

About Encapsulation Cleaning

We will first vacuum the carpet to remove loose dirt and debris. Though this should be done with any cleaning method, it is imperative in the encapsulation method as extraction is not part of the cleaning.  we then spray the carpet with the cleaning solution, before scrubbing the carpet with are machine. First, we may use a unit that resembles an upright vacuum without a bag. This machine has two cylindrical brushes that rotate in opposite directions.

The machine works the chemical through the carpet. Dirt and stain particles are released from the carpet fabric and become surrounded by the encapsulation chemical. Each particle of dirt becomes trapped in a microscopic crystal which prevents the soil from clumping together with other dirt particles. Once the carpet has dried, a second round of vacuuming is recommended to remove the encapsulated dirt (which is invisible to the naked eye).


Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning

steam extraction or the shampoo cleaning of carpets, encapsulation uses far less water. Carpets are completely dry and ready for normal use in about an hour after cleaning. For the occasions when drying time is an issue, encapsulation cleaning is an excellent choice, Plus the cost is less than steam extraction.

While encapsulation cleaning is not considered a deep-cleaning or restorative process, it is a perfect match for a well-maintained carpet that needs to be freshened up in between the deep extraction process.